The Court Leet has existed in Alcester for over 700 years. It used to be responsible for ensuring that the quality of Meat, Fish, Bread, Beer, Leather, Roads, etc. was acceptable. It also ensured the people maintained their hedges and was responsible for settling disputes and enforcing the law. The last of these responsibilities were removed from the Court Leet in 1974, but the Court is still entitled to hold 2 fairs a year in the Town. Permission for this was granted by Royal Charter in 1292 and is still valid.

Today the Court Leet maintains the old traditions and promotes the Town, any surplus funds are distributed to local charities. Elections to the Court are held in early October each year and are open to residents of Alcester and its environs. For more details and calender of events please see our website.

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Steven Brown
High Bailiff
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01789 766484
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